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This is a little helper for routing small units of work to a thread pool that runs a LocalSet + single threaded tokio runtime.

The rationale for this is that mlua doesn’t currently provide async call implementations that are Send, so it is not possible to use them within the usual Send Future that is required by the normal tokio::spawn function.

We use Runtime::run() to spawn a little closure whose purpose is to use tokio::task::spawn_local to spawn the local future. For example, when accepting new connections, we use this to spawn the server processing future.



  • Schedule func to run in the runtime pool. func must return a future; that future will be spawned into the thread-local executor. This function will return the result of the spawn attempt, but will not wait for the future it spawns to complete.
  • Spawn a future as a task with a name.
  • Spawn a local future as a task with a name.