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Since: Version 2023.11.28-b5252a41

The functionality described in this section requires version 2023.11.28-b5252a41 of KumoMTA, or a more recent version.

Create a new regex set map from a set of key/value pairs.

A regex set can efficiently match a haystack string against a list of multiple regular expressions in a single search operation. The search operation on the regex set knows which regular expression matched, and that is used here to map to a more meaningful value.

Since the regex set needs to be compiled, the set is considered to be immutable; it cannot have entries added after it has been created, so you need to build up a lua table with the mapping to pass to new.

-- This example categorizes text into either 'hello', 'bye' results
local map = {
  hello = 'hello',
  bye = 'bye',
  later = 'bye',
  -- more complex patterns need to quote the map key:
  ['Good day'] = 'hello',

assert(map['hello there'] == 'hello')
assert(map['goodbye'] == 'bye')
assert(map['see you later'] == 'bye')
assert(map['not.set'] == nil)