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Release 2023.12.28-63cde9c7


While the release is dated 2023.12.28, that date reflects the date of the last change to the code, rather than the date that the release was cut and published. This release was published 2024.01.03.

Breaking Changes

Other Changes and Enhancements

  • You may now use arbitrary bounce classification labels when defining bounce classification rules. #98
  • queue helper: Added setup_with_options method that allows skipping the registration of the get_queue_config event handler. This helps when building a more complex configuration policy, such as using the rollup helper. Thanks to @cai-n! #101
  • You may now use simple suffix based wildcards like X-* to match header names to capture in log records. See kumo.configure_local_logs. #74


  • MTA-STS policy may fail to match due to trailing periods in mx host names
  • Assigning nil via msg:set_meta would return a userdata wrapper around the underlying json null value when msg:get_meta was called for that key. We now map that as nil.
  • Various duration options (such as idle_timeout) once again accept bare integer values to mean that number of seconds as stated in the docs. Previously, you would have to use a string like "10 seconds". Now you can simply write 10. This regressed long long ago, but is now resolved. #108
  • ARF parser now accepts historic feedback reports using version 0.1 and the deprecated Received-Date header.