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Constructs an AMQP client object.

URI is the URI that references the AMQP server to which you want to connect.

local producer = kumo.kafka.build_producer {
  ['bootstrap.servers'] = 'localhost:9092',

Client Methods

The returned client object has the following methods:


Sends a message. PARAMS is an object style table with the following keys:

  • topic - required string; the name of the queue to which to send the message
  • payload - required string; the message to send
  • timeout - how long to wait for a response.

The result from send is a tuple local partition, offset = producer:send {...}.

local producer = kumo.kafka.build_producer {
  ['bootstrap.servers'] = 'localhost:9092',

producer:send {
  topic = 'my.topic',
  payload = message:get_data(),
  -- how long to keep trying to submit to kafka
  -- before a lua error will be raised.
  -- This is the default.
  timeout = '1 minute',