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GET /metrics

Exports various counters, gauges and other metrics using the Prometheus Text Exposition Format.

Access to this endpoint requires Trusted IP authentication. HTTP authentication is not permitted.

See also metrics.json.

Since: Dev Builds Only

The functionality described in this outlined box requires a dev build of KumoMTA. You can obtain a dev build by following the instructions in the Installation section.

You may specify an optional prefix GET parameter to have the reported metric names be prefixed with a string. For example, you might use http://localhost:8000/metrics?prefix=kumomta_. This can be helpful when it comes to matching or discovering kumomta specific metrics, especially in a busy prometheus instance.

Example data

Here's an example of the shape of the data. The precise set of counters will vary as we continue to enhance KumoMTA.

# HELP connection_count number of active connections
# TYPE connection_count gauge
connection_count{service="esmtp_listener"} 0
connection_count{service="smtp_client"} 0
connection_count{service="smtp_client:source2->"} 0
# HELP scheduled_count number of messages in the scheduled queue
# TYPE scheduled_count gauge
scheduled_count{queue=""} 0
# HELP lua_count the number of lua contexts currently alive
# TYPE lua_count gauge
lua_count 1
# HELP lua_load_count how many times the policy lua script has been loaded into a new context
# TYPE lua_load_count counter
lua_load_count 1
# HELP lua_spare_count the number of lua contexts available for reuse in the pool
# TYPE lua_spare_count gauge
lua_spare_count 1
# HELP memory_limit soft memory limit measured in bytes
# TYPE memory_limit gauge
memory_limit 101234377728
# HELP memory_usage number of bytes of used memory
# TYPE memory_usage gauge
memory_usage 185647104
# HELP message_count total number of Message objects
# TYPE message_count gauge
message_count 1
# HELP message_data_resident_count total number of Message objects with body data loaded
# TYPE message_data_resident_count gauge
message_data_resident_count 1
# HELP message_meta_resident_count total number of Message objects with metadata loaded
# TYPE message_meta_resident_count gauge
message_meta_resident_count 1
# HELP ready_count number of messages in the ready queue
# TYPE ready_count gauge
ready_count{service="smtp_client:source1->"} 0
ready_count{service="smtp_client:source2->"} 0
# HELP total_connection_count total number of active connections ever made
# TYPE total_connection_count counter
total_connection_count{service="smtp_client"} 0
total_connection_count{service="smtp_client:source2->"} 0
# HELP total_messages_delivered total number of messages ever delivered
# TYPE total_messages_delivered counter
total_messages_delivered{service="smtp_client"} 0
total_messages_delivered{service="smtp_client:source2->"} 0
# HELP total_messages_fail total number of message delivery attempts that permanently failed
# TYPE total_messages_fail counter
total_messages_fail{service="smtp_client"} 0
total_messages_fail{service="smtp_client:source2->"} 0
# HELP total_messages_transfail total number of message delivery attempts that transiently failed
# TYPE total_messages_transfail counter
total_messages_transfail{service="smtp_client"} 0
total_messages_transfail{service="smtp_client:source2->"} 0