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User Guide

This is the KumoMTA User Guide.

The User Guide is intended for those who have a general understanding of operating an MTA and are looking for information on how to use KumoMTA in particular.

Those who are brand new to email operations, or those who just want the minimum information needed to get started, should refer to the Tutorial.

Those who are experienced at using KumoMTA and are looking for more detailed information on specific commands and functions may be better served by the Reference Manual.

The user guide is structured in the typical order a user would need in the process of setting up and administrating a server:

  • General - Information on the project, its history, and how to interact with the developer team.
  • Installation - Information on how to install KumoMTA for a variety of use cases and platforms.
  • Configuration - An explanation of how to configure KumoMTA for typical use cases.
  • Operation - Information on how to manage and interact with a KumoMTA server.
  • Policy - A deeper dive into the policy capabilities of KumoMTA and how to implement advanced use cases.