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kumo.on('get_queue_config', function(domain, tenant, campaign, routing_domain))


This event handler is in flux and may change significantly

Not the final form of this API, but this is currently how we retrieve configuration used for managing a queue.

The parameters correspond to the domain, tenant, campaign and routing_domain fields from the scheduled queue name, as discussed in Queues.

  function(domain_name, tenant, campaign, routing_domain)
    return kumo.make_queue_config {
      max_retry_interval = '20 minutes',

See also kumo.make_queue_config.

Since: Version 2023.11.28-b5252a41

The functionality described in this outlined box requires version 2023.11.28-b5252a41 of KumoMTA, or a more recent version.

It is now possible to use kumo.on to register multiple handlers for this event. The handlers will be called in the order that they were registered. If a handler returns nil then the next handler will be called. Conversely, if a handler returns a queue configuration object, no further handlers will be called.

This behavior is intended to make it easier to compose multiple helpers or lua modules together.