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While KumoMTA Corporation owns all copyrights in the KumoMTA software and the KumoMTA manual, we wish to thank the following developers, contributors, and supporters who have helped make KumoMTA what it is today.


The following people have made notable contributions to the KumoMTA software:

  • Wez Furlong - Initial KumoMTA developer and architect.


The following people have helped with writing the KumoMTA documentation:

  • Wez Furlong - Initial author of the Reference Manual sections of the documentation.

  • Tom Mairs - Initial author of the User Guide portion of the documentation.

  • Mike Hillyer - Initial author of the supplemental sections of the documentation.


KumoMTA benefits greatly from community contributions, and we thank our contributors, listed on our GitHub Contributions Graph.

Tools Used to Create KumoMTA

The following is a list of some of the tools and components that we have used to create KumoMTA. We owe our thanks to their creators for providing essential elements in our development and deployment:

  • The Rust Community
    • Providers of a solid library of crates that made it much faster and easier to build than it would have been otherwise.


The following companies have helped finance the development of the KumoMTA server, such as by paying for feature development or contributing other resources:

  • TaguchiMarketing Pty Ltd
    • Our first sponsor, in support of the initial KumoMTA beta release.