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message:add_authentication_results(server_id, results)

Since: Version 2023.11.28-b5252a41

The functionality described in this section requires version 2023.11.28-b5252a41 of KumoMTA, or a more recent version.

This method will prepend an Authentication-Results header to the message, as specified by RFC 8601.

The parameters are:

  • server_id - the authserv-id. It is suggested to use msg:get_meta('hostname') to obtain the hostname that was configured in the corresponding SMTP listener.
  • results - an array of authenticationresult objects holding the results of various authentication methods.

Example: obtaining DKIM authentication results

kumo.on('smtp_server_message_received', function(msg)
  -- Verify the dkim signature and return the results.
  -- Note that this example isn't making any policy decisions;
  -- it is only annotating the message with the results and
  -- allowing it to be relayed
  local verify = msg:dkim_verify()
  -- Add the results to the message
  msg:add_authentication_results(msg:get_meta 'hostname', verify)

might produce an Authentication-Results header like this:


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