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Since: Dev Builds Only

The functionality described in this section requires a dev build of KumoMTA. You can obtain a dev build by following the instructions in the Installation section.

Constructs a websocket client.

URL is the URL to which the websocket will connect. It must be either ws:// or wss:// rather than http:// or https://.

If the connection is successful, the return value is a tuple of the resulting websocket stream and the initial HTTP response returned from the URL.

kumo.on('init', function()
  kumo.spawn_task {
    event_name = 'my.websocket.task',

kumo.on('my.websocket.task', function()
  local stream, response = kumo.http.connect_websocket 'wss://'

  -- Show the initial response; note that there may not be anything
  -- significant contained in the initial response
  print(response:status_code(), response:status_reason())
  for k, v in pairs(response:headers()) do
    print('Header', k, v)

  -- Now process data from the connection.
  -- This is an infinite loop, so you MUST use `kumo.spawn_task`
  -- to this websocket processor, otherwise you will harm the
  -- normal operation of the server process.
  while true do
    local data = stream:recv()

WebSocketStream Methods

The returned stream object has the following methods:


Waits for and then returns the next packet sent by the server. The returned data is a string.