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Since: Dev Builds Only

The functionality described in this section requires a dev build of KumoMTA. You can obtain a dev build by following the instructions in the Installation section.


This function should be called only from inside your init event handler.

This function will spawn a new thread that will trigger the specified event and run it, allowing you to set up background tasks.

PARAMS is a lua table style object with the following fields:

  • event_name - the name of the event which should be triggered in the new thread. You must register an event handler for this event using kumo.on.
  • args - an optional value that is passed to the event handler. You can use this to pass arguments to the event handler, which is useful in the case where you want to perform the same basic function in a task, but with varying parameters.
kumo.on('init', function()
  kumo.spawn_task {
    event_name = 'my.task',
    args = { 'hello', 'there' },

kumo.on('my.task', function(args)
  -- Prints: `I am the task.  ["hello","there"]`
  print('I am the task.', kumo.json_encode(args))


If your task event handler raises an error, it will be logged and the task will stop. It is your responsibility to handle errors to ensure that your task remains running. You can use the lua pcall function to trap errors and react accordingly.