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kumo.glob(pattern [, relative_to, [, ttl_seconds]])

Since: Version 2024.06.10-84e84b89

The functionality described in this section requires version 2024.06.10-84e84b89 of KumoMTA, or a more recent version.

This function evalutes the glob pattern and returns an array containing the absolute file names of the matching results. Due to limitations in the lua bindings, all of the paths must be able to be represented as UTF-8 or this function will generate an error.

The optional relative_to parameter can be used to make the results relative to a path. If the results have the same prefix as relative_to then it will be removed from the returned path. The default for this parameter is ..

The optional ttl_seconds parameter specifies how long the results of the glob operation will be cached. Subsequent calls to glob with the same pattern and relative_to will return those previously cached results until the TTL expires. The default TTL is 60 seconds.


This function can cause an expensive filesystem walk to occur, especially if used on a storage volume that is experiencing IO pressure (such as from spooling or logging). Take care to scope the pattern to minimize the impact of the walk, and the ttl_seconds parameter to something that is appropriate to your use case.


If the specified pattern or path references a directory that doesn't exist, or a directory that is inaccessible to the kumo user, no error will be generated; those paths are silently omitted from the results.

local kumo = require 'kumo'

-- logs the names of all of the '*.conf' files under `/etc`
print(kumo.json_encode_pretty(kumo.glob '/etc/*.conf'))