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message:set_meta(KEY, VALUE)

Messages are associated with some metadata. You can think of this metadata as being equivalent to a JSON object.

The set_meta method allows you to set a field of that object to a value that you specify.

You can assign any value that is serializable as a JSON:

-- set foo='bar', a string value
msg:set_meta('foo', 'bar')

-- set foo=123, a numeric value
msg:set_meta('foo', 123)

-- set foo=true, a boolean value
msg:set_meta('foo', true)

-- set foo={key="value"}, an object value
msg:set_meta('foo', { key = 'value' })

You can retrieve a metadata value via message:get_meta.

Pre-defined meta values

The following meta values are unique to the message scope:

Scope Name Purpose Since
Message queue specify the name of the queue to which the message will be queued. Must be a string value.
Message tenant specify the name/identifier of the tenant, if any. Must be a string value.
Message campaign specify the name/identifier of the campaign. Must be a string value.
Message routing_domain Overrides the domain of the recipient domain for routing purposes. (Since: Version 2023.08.22-4d895015)


Additional metadata is available in the message scope that is copied in from the connection scope, for a full list of all available metadata, see the Predefined Metadata page.